ADNI Cognitive Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about ADNI Cognitive Testing

General Administration 

Q:  Is the test order dictated by the ADNI workbook or the ADNI flowchart?
A:  The order of assessments is provided on the cover page of the worksheets, and the worksheets are paginated in the order they should be conducted.  Worksheets can be downloaded from the Document Repository. 


Q:  All questions regarding orientation in the MMSE are asked using "what ... are we in", suggesting that the patient is to identify where he is at the current time. But for the county, the question is phrased: "what county are you in". We were wondering if it refers to the participant's own county?
A:  ADNI requires that the country they are presently in for the testing (not residence) be named.

Logical Memory

Q:  What is the minumum amount of time between Logical Memory I and Logical Memory II?
A:  For ADNI we are asking sites to be very strict on this time difference and to keep it 30-40 minutes of a delay, as indicated in the procedures manual (page 91) and worksheets.

Q:  Is there an alternate story to use if the subject has already been exposed to this story?
A:  There is no alternate story.  Please ensure that there has been at least 3 months since the subject was last exposed to the story used for Logical Memory.  This is important since scoring on Logical Memory is used for inclusion into the study. 

Q:  During the screening visit there is nothing in the cognitive testing worksheets between Logical Memory immediate and delayed.  Are there other measures we can do with the subject during the 30 minute delay time?
A:  During the 30 - 40 minute delay, a the following tests may be
Hamilton Depression Rating Scale
Modified Hachinski
Medical History
Family History Questionnaire

Boston Naming Test

Q:Is the Boston Naming Test Available in Spanish?
A: No, unfortunately it is not available in Spanish and should be marked 'not done' for Spanish-speaking ADNI Participants. 

Adult National Reading Test

Q:Is the ANART Available in Spanish?
A: No, unfortunately it is not available in Spanish and should be marked 'not done' for Spanish-speaking ADNI Participants.

Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT)

Q:  Are there norms for the AVLT?
A:  Please refer to this article for Norms: Ivnik, R. J., Malec, J. F., Smith, G. E., Tangalos, E. G., Petersen, R. C., Kokmen, E., & Kurland, L. T. (2002). Mayo's Older Americans Normative Studies: Updated AVLT Norms for Ages 56 to 97. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 6 (Supplement), 83-104.

Q. At the top of page 12 is a place for "start time" does this mean the time at the start of the AVLT or the time after the recall of list A6?
A: There should be 30 minutes of interpolated testing between the end of the initial AVLT and from the start of delay testing. (page 90 ADNI procedures manual) You can use this ‘start time’ box in whatever way assists you in tracking this (this time is not entered into the database).

Q:  Is the BNT given before the AVLT recall?
A: Yes, unless 30 minutes has already elapsed – if this happens conduct AVLT recall before Boston Naming Test (BNT). BNT can also be interrupted to allow for 30 minute delay testing.

Q. Is it a firm 30 minute delay on the AVLT recall or do we just go through the sequence as listed (even if it means a less than 30 minute delay)?
A: Please begin the delayed test as close to 30 minutes as possible.