ADNI Cognitive Testing

Some of the tests selected for ADNI are used by Alzheimer Disease Centers as part of a collective Uniform Data Set (UDS). The UDS is one part of a national collaborative research facilitated by the National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center (NACC) and among approximately 30 Alzheimer's Disease Centers funded throughout the U.S. by the National Institute on Aging.

ADNI Cognitive Measures Included in the Uniform Data Set (UDS)

Logical Memory: Immediate and Delayed Recall
Digits Forward and Digits Backward
Verbal Fluency (Animals and Vegetables)
Trail Making (Parts A and B)
Digit Symbol Substitution
Boston Naming Test

Researchers affiliated with ADCs may access the UDS neuropsychology forms and Coding Guidebook at Access to these documents is password-restricted to NACC members only.

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Non-UDS Cognitive Measures Used in ADNI

ADAS-Cog (Part 1)
ADAS-Cog (Part 2)
Clock Drawing and Clock Copying
Rey's Auditory Verbal Learning Test
American National Adult Reading Test (ANART)

All of the instruments listed above are widely used in multi-center trials studying normal, MCI, and early AD subjects.

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Tests and scales selected for the ADNI protocol:

  • Represent the domains of interest in this patient population
  • Adequately sample cognitive domains of interest in subjects who are normal, or have MCI or AD
  • Are able to measure change over two to three years in these patient populations
  • Will not demonstrate floor or ceiling effects
  • Are reasonably efficient and can meet the practical demands of the study