ADNI Data Presentations, Spring 2009

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ADNI Data Presentations, Sunday, April 26, 2009
ADNI Hippocampal Measurements, Brain Atrophy and Cognitive Decline N. Schuff, D. Tosun, M. Weiner
MRI and CSF Biomarkers: Diagnostic Discrimination and Cognitive Correlations; Predicitng Future Clinical Change C. Jack
Serial Brain MRI to Measure Atrophy Rates
N. Fox
Summary of 10 Studies of Brain Changes in ADNI Subjects
P. Thompson
Preliminary ADNI Results: MR Volumetry and Subregional Change
J. Brewer, A. Dale
Voxel-Based Morphometry of MRI Gray Matter
G. Alexander
Changes in Cognition and CVD in ADNI
C. DeCarli
Serial Deformation Tensor Morphometry of ADNI Imaging Data  C. Studholme
W. Jagust
Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses of ADNI PET Images E. Reiman
Topographic Extent of Glucose Hypermetabolism
N. Foster
Predicting Diagnostic Conversions Using CART M. Donohue
ADNI Biomarker Core Report J. Trojanowski, L. Shaw 
ADNI PiB Update C. Mathis 
ADNI Imaging Markers: Comparisons D. Harvey, L. Beckett
Gene Analysis of ADNI 1.5T MRI: Baseline and 12 Month Change  A. Saykin
Brain Imaging as a Quantitative Trait to Identify Susceptibility Genes for AD
S. Potkin
Predicting Diagnostic Conversions Using Models of Cognitive Functioning
A. Lerner
Alzheimer's Neuroimaging Biomarker Discovery Using Independent Component Analysis
A Novel Method to Measure Cortical Thickness Using MR Intensity Profiles
Z. Lin
Multivariate Analysis of FDG-PET and PiB Images for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease 
C. Habeck
T2 Quantitative MRI: a Multi-MRI Scanner Brand Calibration Study
C. Bauer, R. Killiany
Atlas-based Analysis of Hippocampal Subfield Atrophy in ADNI Data P. Yushkevich
Ventricular Volume as a Marker of Alzheimer Disease Progression
S. Nestor
Change in Third Ventricle Area Over 6 Months as an Atrophy Surrogate in AD
J. Paskavitz
Spatially Augmented LPBoosting for AD Classification  S. Johnson
Do Alzheimer's Disease and Normal Aging Have Similar Effects on Brain Structure?
H. Chertkow
Cerebral Glucose Metabolism at Baseline Predicts Symptom Onset in Normal Subjects
D. Matthews
Measuring Cognitive Performance in ADNI: Evaluation of the ADAS-Cog
J. Hobart